Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Costume Idea #1

I think the costume's appeal speaks for itself.

I would like to comment, though, on three problems of execution that I anticipate and have highlighted in the drawing.

Logistical Issues:
1. Growing a mustache. It's the linchpin of the costume, and it's something that I can't do.
Solution: Adhesive fake. Magic Marker.

2. Girth. Will I fit through doorways? Hallways? Narrow corridors? Furthermore, cardboard cylinders are not the most flattering attire. I want to look trim; I don't want people to think that there are saturated fats hidden in my oats.
Solution: Butter up the sides, and mark the box "Holland Oats Light."

3. Dance Moves (or, like the mustache, lack-there-of). Poor baseline coordination, compounded by costume-constrained limb mobility is likely to create problems.
Solution: Alcohol.